365 Degrees of Hera

For 2018, I decided to try the picture a day project with a special focus on my adorable Yorkie, Hera. I am fully aware that I will not be able to actually take a picture of her everyday unless I decide not to travel this year, but I will do my best. Follow my progress here or on Instagram. Wish me luck, as it is going to be my most daunting challenge to date.

Jan 15

Jan 14 - Hera puts the “sun” in Sunday.

Jan 13 - Weekend ritual of sleeping between the chairs.

Jan 12 - The slightly possessed look of a girl playing ball.

Jan 11 - “I know it is happy hour, so ... where are the Cheddar Bunnies?!”

Jan 10 - Someone is happy to see me!

Jan 9 - New haircut!

Jan 8 - Hera photobombed Martin's headshot photo shoot, but that’s ok.

Jan 7 - Unlike her father, Martin, Hera does not appreciate shoes.

Jan 6

Jan 5 - Dinner!

Jan 4 - “It’s snowing. I’m staying right here! Call me when it is over.”

Jan 3 - “Is dinner over already?”

Jan 2 - It's ball time.

Jan 1 - Happy New Year!

Last modified: Mon 15 Jan 2018